Entry #23


2015-10-14 21:54:22 by S-Master1996

​So this might be my last post on this site. Mainly because Newgrounds died out on me over the years. It was fun while it lasted but there isn't really much of a resaon to keep checking back on here anymore unless its for nostalgia. I am however never going to forget the experience I have had on this site. Lots of discoveries and childhood memories.
Goobye Newgrounds I'll miss you... <3


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2015-10-15 00:23:17

7 years eh m8 alrighty well have a good time

S-Master1996 responds:

Thanks, I'll try. Same goes to you!


2015-10-15 02:42:49

you left us with a wonderful gif, please stay well, happy and fed for the rest of us <3

S-Master1996 responds:

Will do. I might check back here once in a while when i'm bored or when it's madness day.